Sunday, November 4, 2007


11/1/07: Last night we had a fabulous Halloween party for our cast and host families at this cool theatre/ art gallery/ cultural center called XL de Atiliers, here in Dronten. The advance team here has had an 80s theme all week, so there were lots of bad 80s costumes. My roommate Maria won the best 80s outfit by wearing a flowered suit with billowy hammer-pants that our host-mom wore to a wedding in 1987. Classy!
I went as a sad clown, and won a prize for “best act” as the cast members couldn’t believe I could look so solemn all evening. Obviously, I was very convincing (see photos).
Scott was one of the dancers recruited to dance Thriller – they all were zombies, and he looked particularly disgusting. The dance, choreographed by Tyrell (front) was very fun.
We also had some really incredible costumes—gorgeous halloweeny face painting, a “serial killer” (who had boxes of cornflakes with plastic knives stabbed into them, and a squirt gun), a two-part cow, a Swedish James Dean, a Japanese Sinter Klaus (who is a lot like Santa Claus, except he’s Dutch and comes on Dec 5th) and so many other fun and fabulous costumes borrowed from host families. I love how this group of people goes all out to participate and enjoy our time together! There is no such thing as half-assing up with people.

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