Sunday, November 18, 2007


Up with People is able to be in the Philippines for four weeks thanks to the sponsorship of a beverage company called Zesto. This is our cast’s first really major sponsorship experience, and we have been showered with Zesto’s generous hospitality (and marketability). We are provided with unlimited Zesto soda, fruit juice, and ice tea for all cast meals, (which includes RC Cola, as it is owned by Zesto.) We have four Zesto polo shirts, plus t-shirts and baseball caps that are our uniforms for all of our service days. We had a delicious Filipino food welcome lunch, and we’ve been making up spontaneous Zesto commercials and slogans ever since. My personal favorite:
“Zesto is the Best-o!”

They also changed our usual poster slogan, which is "70 people. 19 countries. 1 voice." to one that reflects Zesto a little more: "19 countries. 1 voice. 1 drink."

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paolo said...

hi mr and mrs enebo! may i ask how you got zesto as sponsors, we have this outreah project and we need sponsors.. thank you my email is