Wednesday, October 31, 2007

not-so-typical dutch wedding

Tom & Liselot's wedding was so beautiful, and we were really happy that we were able to make the trip to be there. Our travels to the ceremony was a bit of an adventure... Maggie helped us get a 25% discount "Bahncard" to ride the trains in Germany for cheaper. We took the train to Cologne on Friday night and stayed overnight at UwP's German office, otherwise known as Frank Liffer's apartment. Then we rode with him (on the autobahn in a BMW going 180 km per hour, which to those of you who drive in miles, is super fast!), to Amsterdam.

We were lucky to have the uwp network take care of us once again... a friend on the road with us connected us with a friend of hers that used to work for uwp, and actually traveled in B97, so we were in Denver with her back in the day! So Nicoliene met us at the wedding and showed us to her apartment, and graciously hosted us for the weekend.

The wedding was at 3pm in a cool old building that used to be a church. Tom & Liselot wrote their own vows that were just beautiful, and their officiant, who was a justice of the peace, I think, was a bit of a jokester.

Then we took shuttle buses to a really artsy, funky event center for the reception. There was the biggest disco ball I've ever seen, and a large unicorn hanging from the ceiling. We caught up with many old friends, and Scott was excited that the entire management staff from cast A 99 was in attendance! We had a delicious, very classy dinner served family style at three long tables, with a cream puff & fruit "cake" that came out to the tables with fireworks! We sang and danced until 2:30am.

On Sunday we met up with everyone for lunch, explored Amsterdam, met up again for a festive dinner, and enjoyed our first two-days-in-a-row off since the end of june. We rode these crazy swings at a carnival in a square in Amsterdam-- it was a bench swing that raised at least 100 ft in the air. It was windy, cold, and so fun!-- though I wondered when we were at the top, how it was stabilized and able to go up so high. On Monday, we took three trains across Germany to arrive in Prenzlau by 6pm. I love public transportation!

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