Sunday, November 4, 2007

typical Dutch

Here in Dronten, we are actually living five meters below sea level. This town used to be at the bottom of a lake—the land was “reclaimed” only 60 years ago! My host father proudly explained the dyke and drainage system, though I don’t think I could ever live here longterm… it’s tempting fate a bit too much for me.
Holland: land of bicycles… I don’t get to bike every morning, but most people do, and I got to borrow a sweet pink cruiser to ride to the mosque yesterday. The bike path system is as extensive as the roads, and there are strict laws and expensive tickets for not using headlights or riding drunk, yet no one wears helmets!
Its been fun to be back in the Netherlands, for some of my favorite typical Dutch things: stroopwafels- thin mini-waffles sandwiched together with gooey caramel
Vla- thin pudding that comes in narrow milk-cartons that you pour into your dessert bowl every night after dinner
Hager slat- jimmies/ sprinkles that you put on bread (stuck down with butter) and eat for breakfast! You’d think it would be good in the vla, but nobody eats it that way. Only for breakfast.
Fries in a cone: eaten with little plastic forks and lots of mayonnaise
We eat lots of bread and cheese and soup and tea and potatoes and more cheese and more bread.

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Danni said...

Boy...I actually drooled a little when I read about some of that food!