Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cast Uni and a surprise!

We had one of my favorite education opportunities yesterday: UWP University! Students volunteer to teach 50-minute courses on things that they are knowledgeable in. We had courses on Chinese characters, yoga, crochet, song-writing, speaking Pidgeon, musical dance, Kendo (Japanese fencing), self defense, creative writing, financial planning, and a course for women on what guys are thinking. Such fun! The hard part was deciding which courses to attend. We also were supposed to have courses on photography basics, reading Braille & learning a step routine, but those classes were actually fake because the students had prepared for us a staff appreciation!
They made a slide show of photos, wrote us thoughtful letters, gave us chocolate, serenaded us with Japanese music videos and Seasons of Love, Blaine from Texas did a short “Impression Session” with impressions of each staff member, and Johan from Sweden had written an incredible song after the cast appreciation two weeks ago, which he performed for us. It was very touching, and these students are just a good group of people. I feel really lucky that I like them all so much!

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