Sunday, November 11, 2007

two bummers

Leuven was the site of two minor cast disasters. The first was a situation that always makes for a good story once it’s over: food poisoning! We had two types of soup for lunch, and everyone who ate “the meat soup” had the runs all night long. Thank goodness our show facility had a lot of bathrooms.

The second was more tragic: Our big show on Thursday evening was in an arena, and the cast performed on a portable stage platform. Laurel Long from Colorado missed the edge of the stairs exiting off the platform backstage, fell and broke her ankle in two places. She returned to the US for surgery, and will not be rejoining the cast. She was incredibly disappointed, and the whole cast grieved for her not being able to end the tour with us, and to miss our journey to the Philippines. She was very courageous, and flew home yesterday in positive spirits. I think the rest of us did quite a bit of reflecting… what if I was the one who was injured and was heading home today?

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