Sunday, November 11, 2007

continent transitions

There is nothing more exhausting than figuring out how to move 67 people and all their crap from one continent to another. Plus we have all these extra costume bags, musical instruments, and other things (like our archive for the end of the year) that have to come with us. The tricky part of the equation came this week when we learned the airline luggage restrictions: each person only gets 20 kilos (44 pounds) total in checked luggage, and 8 kilos of carry on luggage, in one bag. And the kicker: for every kilo you are overweight, you pay 30 Euros! (which, with the recent drop in the dollar, is about 45 bucks). Ouch. So, we have two hours of free time tomorrow morning, where the majority of the cast will wait in line at the post office, mailing boxes home. (Mom, Scottie and I have a hefty box coming your way.) I’m hoping that the restrictions leaving the Philippines will be a little more lenient, as I am planning on doing some Christmas shopping.

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