Sunday, November 11, 2007

Big show day

The performance of the Up with People Show in Leuven was by far the best I have seen from this cast. It was a show with a lot of pressure… we had 400 VIP guests attend a champagne reception beforehand, an enthusiastic audience of over 2,000 people, and many potential sponsors and bigwigs that are interested in being involved in future uwp European tours in attendance. The stakes were high, and I was so proud of this cast--- they just turned it on! The dances were the cleanest I’ve ever seen them, the energy was off the charts, and everyone was giving their all for this last European show, and the cast’s third to last show ever (as we only have two shows in Manila). We also had a guest performer perform with us; Sandrine is a Belgian pop star who had two chart hits from being on “Idol” (which is basically “American Idol” but not in America). She sang both her hit songs in our show, and a lot of the student audience was drawn to our show to see her. Leuven is the largest university town in Belgium with 30,000 students, so this city also had a big focus on recruiting future up with people students. We definitely are finishing our European tour with a bang.

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