Sunday, July 1, 2007

last Saturday off

As up with people is typically a six-day workweek, which starts in full swing on Monday, we wanted to make the most of our last Saturday off (for awhile). Here's what I (ellen) learned:
  1. when its going to be 100 degrees in Denver, all the locals head into the mountains, where the temperature drops in direct proportion to how high you go
  2. mountain-biking at 7,000+ feet is a really quick way to learn how out-of-shape I am
  3. the hottest item at the Central City American Pride Music Festival and street fair was definitely the "tater twist" -- a spiral-cut spud, deep fried and smothered with gooey nacho cheese
  4. I need to be more diligent about carrying my camera places, because not only were the bike trail views gorgeous, and the mound of tater twists worth documenting, but also because reading a blog with no photos is definitely less interesting than a blog with photos.

I vow to do better! -ee


Diane said...

you are making me lonesome for Colorado. Have an exciting year!

Anne said...

Sounds like you had great fun on my birthday! I enjoyed talking to you too. I hope you remember your camera for the next post-I would have loved to see all the bikers and of course the fries!
Love you, Mom

Wayne Schmieg said...

I'm envious of you, Scottie, and the family Stone going mountain biking at 7000 feet. I think Bethie and I were biking at about 800 feet on Sunday.

larkspur said...

Scott and Ellen -- Welcome (back) to CO! Bethie told me about your website and UWP adventures. Jason and I won't be around much in the next few weeks, as we're taking a couple of road trips, but a few recommendations to add to your own list if you have time to spare: the Boulder Farmer's Market on Wednesday nights or Saturday mornings; the Denver Art Museum's new wing + 2nd floor exhibition, which will be gone on the 15th of this month; Rockies games (you can get cheap, good seats after buying $50 worth of groceries at King Soopers with their discount card); the Tattered Cover bookstore in LoDo. Enjoy hanging out in our neighborhood! :) love, Courtney HMc

Anna said...

Hi there!
Just found your blog. Just wanted to wish you a amazing year...

Love from Sweden and Anna E cast c 98/99

Lori K said...

Scott & Ellen -
I'm so glad you're keeping a blog so that I can live vicariously through your experience. We miss you in MN already!