Monday, July 30, 2007

Come see the Up with People show!

For those of you in Denver, come see the show!
Cast B is Friday, August 3rd- 7:00pm
Cast C is Saturday, August 4th- 7:00pm
Teikyo Loretto Heights Theater - southwest of downtown Denver on Federal Ave, just north of Hampden. Tickets are $15, and proceeds go to Young Americans Center for Financial Education. (Up with People donates show revenue to local non-profit organizations in the community we are performing in.)
Reserve tickets by calling Up with People: 303-460-7100 ext 125

Let us know if you're coming so we can watch for you! Scott & I won't be performing with the cast, but will be there as support staff for both nights. Hope to see you! -ee

1 comment:

Andrew said...

I'll see the show in Tucson :) I'm sure that the Denver show will be amazing with the "hometown" crowd.