Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Minnesotans headed to UwP

Pictured: Scott & Andrea

Ellen, Meghan, Netta, Abby, Andrew
(check it out-- I made the banner myself!)


Diane said...

I see you are in Denver! say "hello" to that great city. I just got your address and thought I'd say hello, and happy adventures.

Teresa Drexler said...

Scott & Ellen... hooray for you both! Although the state of MN is sad that you're leaving... and so am I... I'm pleased it's for such a great reason! I'm sorry I missed the potluck... I'm Minnesotan... I love 'em... but it just wasn't in the cards that day. Anyhoo... evidently Abby is from my hometown of New Ulm... treat her well... even if she isn't in your cast! Blessings to both of you on your new adventure! I, like you, may not write often, but I smile just thinking about you both! Love and best wishes!

gerald said...

hello there,
here a little note from good ol' winterswijk, the netherlands!! things are great here and it looks that you're going strong as well.... keep it up!! i'll try to be a weekly visitor of your blog and look forward to hear all about the new (and inproved??) up with people... love, gerald

Alisa said...

Yo! And hello again ... it's been ... well.... forever. Great to see you brimming with happiness and doing something you love. May you have an amazing road adventure... glad to have a way to check in on you every once in a while.
Best, Alisa flicker.com/photos/aoyler

Wayne Schmieg said...

Hi Ellen and Scott,

I'm proud of you for going on this adventure. The U.S. needs more ambassadors of good will like you two and all of UWP. Good luck. We miss you every day.



Erica said...

Of COURSE you made the banner. What don't you do???

Anne said...

You probably just forgot to add with a little help from my Mom. It looks great and so do you, Love Mom