Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Belgian for a day

Opening Session 2007! We welcomed about 110 students from 19 countries to the Up with People program on Monday, July 9th... I was honored to carry the flag of Belgium in the flag processional (and had all the Belgian students coming up to me afterwards to check to see if I was from their fine country). Imagine about 40 flags of the world, processing into the darkened auditorium, with a classic uwp tune filling the space:
"Sometime soon the time will come, when there'll be room for everyone."
A bit cheesey, yes, but also so moving for the students to see themselves represented in this international space.
Scott & I learned the blocking, choreography, music, and the rhythm stomp for the new show in about three hours, so we were able to participate and perform for the students... showcasing for them what they will be learning in the next few weeks.
Its been a whirlwind-- this day already feels so long ago!

I also led my first workshop the afternoon of Day One-- goal setting. It was exciting to jump right in! more updates to come... -ee

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