Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Blocking blow-away!

Its been a whirlwind week of education workshops and training, and so today was my first chance to pop into the show blocking for brilliant Cast B. I was blown over-- they know so much already (which is good, since our first performance is in two short weeks!) Today soloists and dancers were put into the rehearsal runthrough, basically performing for their castmates for the first time. The group was so supportive, and also I think surprised each other with the immense amount of talent that was in the room.
I love how the Up with People performance can really show off gifted singers and dancers in one song, and in the very next number a brave someone who has never been onstage before is featured as a "signer" in the sign language song (One 2 One), or is holding a microphone for the first time as an MC. It was powerful to watch and to be a part of.
Tomorrow: Regional Learning in Boulder! Celestial Seasonings factory, here we come...

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Wayne Schmieg said...

Hi E & S!

I imagine your days are going by in the blink of an eye -- sounds like you are busy all the time.

When I read about Scottie driving the big truck, I thought of Shoopie visiting us in the huge coach bus, stopping traffic on 98th St, so he could pull into our driveway.

Love you,