Sunday, July 8, 2007

I'll Take Meetings for $400 Alex

Answer: You spend most of your training week in these.
Question: What are meetings?


We will not give you the blow-by-blow of our many meetings, but rest assured that we are starting to feel ready to welcome the students and get going with our jobs. This is fortunate because the STUDENTS ARE HERE! They came in last evening and seeing their faces reminded me of why we are embarking on this adventure. We have been working so hard to get to this moment and know that the fun, challenges and excitement of the semesters ahead is right around the corner.

We have been doing our training in the old Shriner's temple in Denver, and this is where we will be doing the staging for the casts. We have the searched the place from top to bottom, but we have yet to find the cache of miniature cars and fez hats ;-) It is a beautiful building though and we will be having our opening session tomorrow morning for all of the students (I get goosebumps just thinking about it). Be sure to think about us in the morning as we welcome all of these wonderful people from around the world.


Blair said...

Hi, Scott!
I'm so excited for both of you! It must be so rewarding! I'm getting all emotional just thinking about it...all those enthusiastic young people excited about changing the world. I'm proud of you for making this leap again. I'm jealous. You're putting thoughts in my head..You did a wonderful job in our cast, and I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job this time too..what position are y'all in? Thanks for including me in this adventure!

Wayne Schmieg said...

E & S,

We're excited for your first days with your new students. Enjoy your time with them.