Monday, October 1, 2007

On the Road Again

The adventures continue!

So, it should be known that we are in the midst of the longest travel extravaganza in the world. We are on our way from Las Vegas, NV to Milano, Italy, so let me break it down:

We started our travels at midnight on Sunday morning. Our plan was to not stop for an overnight sleep but rather to drive to Seattle in order to catch our flight to Italy. This meant that we had four drivers in each of our vans and took turns driving and keeping the driver awake. We did this for about 30 hours, which was incredibly exhausting as we never really got any quality sleep when not driving. After several rest stops, we arrived at Sea Tac to drop off our first group of travellers, but the remainder of us still have until 9:30 pm until our flight departs. As we felt pretty much like arse, a few of us decided to get a hotel so we could sleep a few hours and shower. The rest of our travel:

* Depart for London Heathrow at 9:30 pm from Seattle on Monday, October 1st
* Arrive at Heathrow at 3:00pm October 2nd
* Depart for Milano at 7:00pm October 2nd
* Arrive Milano at 11:00pm and sleep in a sport hall overnight until we meet our host families the next day at 5:30pm October 3rd

All said, this will be a 61.33 hour travel extravaganza. Had it not been for our quick stop at a hotel, we would not have showered for about 4 days...YIKES!

Wish us luck...we think of you all and are hoping that life is well. We will update our blog as we are able.

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