Saturday, October 6, 2007


It ended up being 64.5 hours + 8 additional hours of sleeping on a gym floor, but we made it through, and Milan is of course bellissimo!

Its been a quick week of scavenger hunts through the city, spontaneous classroom visits, and two sold-out shows. A funny highlight for Scottie and I: our show facility yesterday was in a smaller community near Milan called Cernusco-- where we performed 9 and a half years ago! A mural that we painted outside in the courtyard plaza had been painted over, but the flags of the world that we put up in May 1998 were still slightly visible. I'll post a photo once I can upload pics again.

Tonight we're doing our second show in the city where most of the cast is living: Cusano Miliano, which is a 20-minute commuter train ride to connect to the Milan subway.

Travel to Europe has given the cast a lot of independence, (and some students a kick in the pants!) as we don't have a bus within the city. There were lots of people lost somewhere on public transportation, or needing to ask directions of local Italianos to find their way home. Its so fun! ... and it came at just the right time for this group.

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