Sunday, September 2, 2007

Wedded Bliss

How wonderful it is to be us!!! As some of you probably know, Ellen and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on Thursday. We worked the whole day in the Corcoran, CA schools with 100s of junior high students and then had a fantastic time with the kids at the YMCA after school programs in town. As if the day could not get any more romantic ;-), we then went and washed the Up with People van before heading to nearby Vasalia, CA for a nice meal at an Italian restaurant called Rosa's.

The truth be told, we really do feel lucky that we are able to share this experience together. Our cast was very sweet to us on our anniversary and we woke up to a bottle of champagne on our doorstep in the morning as you can see in the picture. We could not be happier to share the love we have for one another through this amazing program and still can't believe at times that we are being paid to do what we love.


Kerry Pfarner-Cosneau said...

Happy Anniversary, Scott and Ellen!

Best wishes for years and years more of wedded bliss! And thank you for sharing your adventures with the rest of us!

Hugs ...


N and M said...

Kerry beat me to it! Happy Anniversary!

Matthias and I are living vicariously through your adventure. Great to hear you are both doing so well.

-Niki, Matthias, and Sarah Eggert

Diane said...

sorry to be late wishing you a happy anniversary. I have fond memories of that weekend, and your family's hospitality, as well.

I'm glad you are having this adventure.