Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Crater Lake

I’ve derailed on chronological entries, because I haven’t been online. But we’ve done some cool things in the past few weeks that I want to share with you, now that I’ve had the chance to post some pics.

Back in Winston, OR, (9/10/07) I was hosted with a young couple (Ron & Angela) with three kids (Alyssa, Brandon and Cameron), and three uwp students ( Gina and Cassidy from the US, and Jules from Uganda).

All nine of us, plus one of their dogs, Rose, piled into the family suburban, and drove along gorgeous Highway 38 east to Crater Lake. We stopped at Clearwater Creek falls, where we climbed across logs and on mossy rocks, and met up with a few other host families (you meet ‘em wherever you go). We had a picnic overlooking Crater Lake, and stopped at a few other falls on the way home. We also had a flat tire adventure, and played a few rousing rounds of the alphabet game along the side of the road. It was an incredible drive through the canyon and along the river, with waterfall turnoffs every few miles. Definitely a place to return to, to explore a little more.

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