Wednesday, September 26, 2007


We had two really fast cities: 3 days in Eureka, CA, followed by 3 days in Coos Bay, OR. In Eureka, we performed in a gorgeous restored theatre that was actually renovated by my host dad! Our service day I helped to do fall maintenance on a sports complex that was funded by private donations to the community and run by volunteers. We repainted soccer field lines, stained the fences, and scrubbed down the concession stand building. Then in the afternoon I visited a classroom for severely handicapped students that are at an amazing magnet school with specially designed classrooms, exercise and play equipment. I played Uno and a memory matching game with a few of the students in the oldest classroom; they were all over 16, and could continue to go to the school until they turned 22. There were almost as many staff and volunteers in the room as students, and seven students per classroom. It was a really touching facility and an exhausting job, and I wish I could have been at the school longer. We were only there for a little over an hour.

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