Sunday, September 2, 2007

eNORmous trees

What better way to finish off a fun-filled week in Southern Cali than a trip to see the shockingly huge trees in Sequoia National Park? We were invited, along with the other two staff members (Jared and Joern) who were host-family-less with us in the Budget Inn, to come hang out at Corcoran Mayor Dick Haile's cabin. It was a two-hour drive from Corcoran, and worth every minute, as the cabin sits on a small community of private land right between Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks, in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The community is called Wilsonia, which legend says it got its name because that small community's votes in a long-ago presidential election swung a very tight race and helped elect Woodrow Wilson.

Today, after a delicious brunch in the sunshine, we had a three Jeep caravan that allowed us to see areas of the park that most tourists don't venture to, and it was a lovely 78 degrees, which was a huge relief after our week in the 110s in Corcoran. We felt so lucky to be included in this fun excursion!

Tomorrow we have a quick overnight in Redding, CA, before arriving in Winston, OR for a Melon Festival extravaganza. We've been warned that our internet service in Winston may be few and far between, so we will post again as soon as we can! Have a good week. -ee

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