Sunday, August 10, 2008

time to go!

And we're off again...
Cast B's dress rehearsal was yesterday afternoon, and after four quick weeks, they've got the show down pretty well. There's some extra pressure on this group, because they only have one week in the USA before their show changes to Spanish in Mexico. That's new lyrics to three current songs, plus adding in a seven-minute medley of popular and traditional Mexican music.

Tonight everyone is packing, weighing their suitcases, and then repacking, before our first travel day as a cast! We are headed to Breckenridge, CO, with a stop first at a gold mine in Idaho Springs. Stay tuned for adventures from the road!


Beth said...

Who da ho?

Wayne Schmieg said...

I thought about saying "You da ho", but I figured that wouldn't sound right from a father to a daughter... so I won't say it:-)