Sunday, August 24, 2008

No Gracias Julio

Well, we are getting ready to leave La Paz and it is just in time for Tropical Storm Julio! According to host families it only rains about 2 days a year here, and we are here for both of them...lucky us. The weather here has been totally like fuego with daily temperatures around 110 degrees with humidity. It seems that whether it has been raining or not that my shirt is wet most of the time. Our first show in Mexico was very successful with a crowd in a baseball stadium totaling over 2000 people. We were pretty worried as the day turned into rain for several hours and the show was outdoors. We wondered what we should do if it continued to rain, but fortunately the answer was relatively simple. According to certain Mexican legend , if you take a knife and bury it point down in the area you are at, this will stop the rain. We tried this out and sure enough...the rain stopped for the show! This theory is hotly contested by the Venezuelans though who say that you need to take two knives and put that in the shape of a cross and then bury them. We will have to try this method out next time and see which country holds the gold medal for the best juju.

The food has been amazing as you can imagine. We have eaten serious quantities of real Mexican food, which beats the heck out of the ham sandwiches of last tour. We are off to Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo tomorrow where we will have more adventures on the peninsula. Lucky us, we will also be celebrating our 5-year anniversary!!! Have a great day and thanks for reading.

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