Thursday, August 28, 2008

Peaceful La Paz

(Wed, Aug 20th) Scottie arrived in gorgeous, steamy La Paz, Mexico on Saturday with the majority of the cast, and I got here with the remaining 16 who didn’t fit on the first flight on Monday afternoon. We flew to the airport at the southern tip of Baja California in Cabo San Jose, and drove two hours north (and stopped for lots of cows and goats on the narrow highway) to reach the coastal community. La Paz sits on a bay on the eastern, gulf side of the Baja, though the coast wraps around to form 3/4ths of a circle, so we can actually look out west over the water to see the amazing sunsets every night.

We’re hosted separately this week- I’m with four girls at the house of Magui Valazquez Dipp, and her husband, the architect who we’ve never met. Magui (pronounced Maggie) lives on the bluffs at the edge of the city, and our spectacular pool patio looks out over the bay. We are so spoiled, coming home every day to tupperwares of fresh mango, quesadillas, and a dip in the pool to cool off after a day in the 110 degree sun.

These are the contrasts that come with our Mexican tour—your hosting situation is totally the luck of the draw. We feel overwhelmed with our lovely, spacious home, where there are others in the cast staying with families on the other end of the spectrum, who only have running water every few days.

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