Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yeehay Y'all - Welcome back to the US of A

When we came back to the US, we had a fairly uneventful border crossing (minus the student who lost his passport...oops) and found ourselves in the beautiful town of New Braunfels, Texas. It is a city just north of San Antonio and is influenced by German settlers. On our regional learning day we went to San Antonio and visited the Alamo. What fun this was as the Alamo was one of the first places that Ellen and I visited when we were dating. The last time we were there it was cloudy and rainy all day, but this time it was sunny and gorgeous with hundreds of our closest friends around. Ahhhhh....memories.

New Braunfels also has a beautiful underground cave system that is open for tours. While I usually think of caves as cold and damp, this cave system was actually hot and very humid because it was originally enclosed and they chose to keep the same climate. The formations were amazing as you can see in the pictures below.

I had a truly fantastic time with my host family there and the week was full of incredible conversation and food. It was sad having to leave, but I know that I will be in contact with this wonderful family. To top things off, my roommate and I went to the local waterpark called Schlitterbahn! Really fantastic times were had here including a rollercoaster-waterslide. If you have not been on one, please close your computer right now and go find one because it is truly an experience that everyone should have.

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