Sunday, May 4, 2008

... San Luis Potosi

... our last Mexican city! In San Luis, Scottie and I were hosted together in an ambitious family who hosted 6 of us! It was a really interesting dynamic of a bachelorpad, as the result of the mom's death about a year previous. It started off a bit rough, host dad was frustrated with host brothers for not getting things ready for us (because they went to MXC instead the weekend before our arrival to see their cousin wrestle in lucha libre).

So, Juan Pablo, older brother age 25, and Memo (real name Guillermo) who was 15, were our main hosts for 6 of us. Juan Pablo's car was an ancient navy blue Volkswagon bug (as seen in the picture looks a bit yellow, but is really blue), and he had to do two trips to be able to drive us anywhere! He ran around the first night borrowing mattresses from friends to have places for us all to sleep, and we ate dinner when pizza came around 11pm.

Needless to say, the week was an adventure, and was exhausting, but we had a good time.
The staff prepared cast appreciation for this city! We had a long staff meeting where we rehearsed and planned a fun mockery of our show, made appreciation signs, and plotted on how to pamper the cast on show day. Our show facility was an amphitheatre in a beautiful park, and we had no security for our equipment to set up the night before. The solution: we slept at the amphitheatre! We set up the stage in the evening, rehearsed our silly show, and then slept onstage and in the dressing rooms until the cast arrived the next morning. It was a lovely evening, and though the cement floor left something to be desired, it was a pleasure to do for this fabulous cast. And they were so surprised!

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