Sunday, May 4, 2008

Puebla = gorgeous

After MXC we were in the gorgeous colonial city Puebla. We were based on the state university campus called UPAEP, and my workroom office for the days was a picnic table near the lap pool.

My favorite moments from the week:

An activity we call "World Values", where we give small groups index cards with 18 values they can choose to give the world. They need to prioritize them in order from the first thing, or most important thing, they would give, all the way to the least important. Things like: equality, wisdom, salvation, health, family security, pleasure, a world at peace, true friendship. Each group only got 20 minutes, and it was an intensive and enriching debate.

The city anniversary celebration in the main square: a perfect, warm spring evening with a symphony and fireworks... I was staying in the hotel with Yui, Wouter and Mitch, and we went and had dessert at our favorite Italian restaurant and watched the fireworks.

It didn't start off as fun, but I was proud to help (afterwards...): The last time UWP was at the university our lights damaged their gym floor, so this time they decided that we had to rig our lights to hang from the rafters. The lighting crew had to stay late to set up, but then the students needed to go home, so we hotel staffers got called in at 9:30pm to come help set up the back light truss. All I wanted to do that evening was watch a movie and go to bed, and instead I went to the facility to 1am to put up lights and learn dances for our cast appreciation! I had such a cranky attitude going in, but ended up feeling very satisfied with helping the tech team.

Hometeam Olympics planned by our awesome 2nd round interns! Silly team competitions that made a spectacle on campus, but was a really good time.

Puebla was fast and furious, and set us up well for...

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