Sunday, September 14, 2008

Free Beer - Non Negiable

For our host family day, we went with our host fam out to the coast after a nice relaxing morning (our typical Sunday in Up with People). We started by going on a boat ride through an estuary that eventually led to a crocodile breeding area. When we got tickets, there was a sign out front that said something to the effect “With every ticket purchased you get a beer…not negotiable.” As we did not want to be offensive to our Mexican hosts, we took the beer and we road the boat ;-) It was such a beautiful ride where we saw some nesting birds, a crocodile and some beautiful landscape. We stopped at a crocodile breeding area, where they are working to maintain a healthy crocodile population in the area.

After this we made a trip to the beach and played with the host bro and sister in the water. Right after we arrived, it started to rain like crazy. This was such an amazing experience to be in the water and have a torrential downpour fall all around us.

When we had our fill, we came out and had a meal of ceviche, empanadas and pescado Santiago (a fish smoked over a special wood found in the mangrove forest). It tasted so amazing...I think I ate about 6 tacos.

Life continues to be great down here in Mexico. Thanks for reading about our latest adventures.

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