Sunday, September 7, 2008

Feria Cultural

September 5- We’ve spent the week in the city of Tepic, in the state of Nayarit. It is about two hours from Guadalajara, 40 minutes from the Pacific coast, and set in the green, tropical mountains of western Mexico. We are partnering with three universities this week, and one of our community impact projects was to participate in a Culture Fair for university and high school students. We designed our booths the day before: we had an international trivia booth in a jeopardy-type format, a Music & Nightlife booth where you could learn about what going out with your friends looks like in different regions of the world (and where they had periodic dance parties and club music playing throughout the fair), and a Languages booth, where people could learn phrases in other languages, and get their names written in other alphabets (like Thai, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese). The universities had booths too- there was a culinary school that was teaching people how to carve fruits & vegetables, an art department that was screening Tshirts, and a representatives from the Huichol tribe that were demonstrating and selling their traditional beadwork. Part of the cast performed a mini-show, and we had an International Costume fashion show with about 15 cast members. What I love about events like this is the cast gets to create the content beforehand, so we are all more invested in the success of the event.

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