Saturday, April 4, 2009

Taipei 101 tower

The Taipei 101 is the tallest building in the world, (until the new tallest building in Dubai is completed.) It also has the world's fastest elevators, which cost 2.5 million USD each, and include the same ceramic heat-resistant material that is used in the space shuttle. The 84 story ride (which puts you on the 89th floor) takes 37 seconds.

We went up to the observatory last night to see the city lights. Paige recommended going at night because its rare to have a clear enough day to have a good view of the city through the humid haze. When I checked yesterday for the forecast, it was the first time I had ever seen the graphic for "haze" as the current local weather (rather than something like partly cloudy).

The tower is named the 101 to represent our digital age of ones and zeros, as well as to symbolize being of the highest quality- more than 100%.

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