Saturday, April 4, 2009


When I think of typical Chinese-style food, I never think of bakeries. And yet, they are so popular here-- within a block radius of the office there are at least three bakeries, with delicious flaky breads and pastries. There are spongey cakes, and little custards covered in fruit, and then the occasional Asian flair to remind you that you are in Taipei and not Munich.

Yesterday I tried a roll that had a piece of battered, fried chicken in the middle, was surrounded by lettuce and a mustard/mayonnaise spread in a doughy bread tube, and the whole thing was wrapped in seaweed! An adventurous mid-morning snack.

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Wayne Schmieg said...

Hi beauty,

I enjoyed reading your blog. Have you seen the chicken feet in the shop windows? I hope you get to Snake Alley and the pub district. The National Museum is also very interesting.