Tuesday, March 11, 2008

favorite Chicago stories

Here are some of my fave Chicago moments:

On Wednesday we had a fun staff party, where we did a "How to Host a Murder"-type event. It was pirate-themed, called "Murder Among the Mateys". As an international staff, we sometimes encounter fabulous challenges with language, and it turns out, pirate jargon is no exception. I spent the busride to the party explaining to Yui from Japan and Manuel from Mexico the following terms: buccaneer, commodore, privateer, gurgling, and wench.

Picture Sofie from Sweden: she is standing on the street corner downtown Chicago in a flowy jagged hemmed skirt, a large green parka, hightop tennis shoes, striped socks, and long curly hair. She is counting her change, trying to figure out if she has enough cash to buy a coffee before the bus leaves. A homeless man approaches her and hands her a dollar bill. He says to her, "Here you go, honey. I know how it is. I've been there." She was so shocked she didn't know what to do beyond saying thank you and keeping the dollar!

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