Sunday, March 16, 2008

Enid, OK!

Here in Enid, I am staying with Carl & Bev Carroll, along with my roommates Nina from Finland and Teng from China.

Carl and Bev have been trying to help us "work the system" in regards to our trash collection... Carl is making his famous honey mustard chicken tonight for dinner and has stressed repeatedly that he is only giving us the meat, and the bones are his (so they don't need to go in our trash bags!)

Enid is a friendly town... our beneficiary here is called Leonardo's and it is a children's science and art museum, named after Leonardo Da Vinci. It is an incredible warehouse and adjoining castle-shaped playground, that is the biggest community built structure of its kind. 10s of thousands of volunteer labor hours went into the Adventure Quest park, and its really a cool place for kids and families. I helped sort piles of donations for the art projects that Leonardo's leads. The third floor at first glance looked full of heaps of trash, but they value every cardboard tube, empty spool of thread, scrap of fabric, and we helped get them all in a proper place so they can be found for future works of art.

Our theatre here in Enid is supposedly haunted by the ghost of John Wilkes Booth, who died in this town. Luckily we had nothing out of the ordinary happen during the show... he must've liked us.

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