Sunday, July 27, 2008

round three

One tour barely ends before the next cast flies in to start their adventure!

Since you last heard from us, we had a relaxing vacation on Ko Samui Island in Thailand, returned to Minnesota for a fast week of seeing family and friends, trimming the bushes around our house, and going to the dentist, before returning to Denver to begin staging for Cast B 2008. This will be our last tour as road staff, as we love the work, but miss home and the pace of "normal" life.

We are already in the third week of staging and orientation, and it feels so much easier this time around! We actually can relax in the evenings, instead of trying to learn our jobs every waking moment of the day. I'm excited for my second semester as education manager, continuing to improve the curriculum and come up with new ways to facilitate those challenging discussions that make a cast grow.

Today we are headed north to Cheyenne to witness the Finals of the "daddy of 'em all", Cheyenne Frontier Days rodeo. My goal for this blog is to continue to update weekly (never mind the last two months), and with a new semester comes a fresh start. Hopefully all our readers haven't abandoned us!

We have an incredible tour ahead- check out the tour schedule on the side, and stay tuned for our next adventures! -ee

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Kelli Turner said...

Hi Scott & Ellen - I'm still reading your blog! Looking forward to reading more about your upcoming adventures with Cast B 2008.