Thursday, April 3, 2008

Teotihuacan - And so Can You

We had a long and uneventful trip from Monterrey to Mexico City. We are again hosted together and are staying with our good friend, Christine Paluf, and our Director of Latin America, Korey Riggs. Holy Mexico City Batman! This place is huge!!!!! While we got into the city late, the traffic was intense. We did not get back to our host family until about 11:00pm, which as is turns out is when dinner is often served here…so I guess we were right on time ;-)

On our first day we went to Teotihuacan, which is where the pyramids are just outside of Mexico City. People commonly say that the Aztecs were the builders of these pyramids, but the current ideology says that it was the Teotihuacani. This was a truly magical experience that really made you think about the mysteries of the world. How long did it take to build them? What were they hoping to do by building these? Where did the builders go? Why are there so many people selling weird kitsch on the “Street of the Dead”?

What a great way to start our time here in Mexico City and how great to experience such an amazing place as a group. After seeing into the past at Teotihuacan, we then went to the National Museum in downtown Mexico City where we had the chance to see the art of many Mexicans throughout the years. What a great way to end a fantastic day!


Anne said...

I have never heard of the Teotihuacani before. Were they from an earlier time period- ancestors of the Aztecs?

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