Saturday, February 16, 2008

On the road again...

February 11, 2008: Its hard to believe we are starting a brand new tour already! Cast A 2008 is a fabulous group of people: 95 students from 26 countries, including Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Ethiopia, Mongolia, Pakistan, Namibia and Nepal. The majority of Western Europe is represented, including a huge Swedish delegation (15 people, which is the largest after the US). We are a little over 1/3 US American. Our caravan has doubled in size- we have two buses, two minivans and two trucks. We added the second truck because we added a front lighting truss to the show, to light the extra people onstage.

We have a glamorous tour ahead of us—I posted it on the side… we are still getting our final US cities confirmed, so I will update it in a few weeks. Right now we are headed across cold, windy Nebraska, on our way to our first city on the road: Lincoln!

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