Sunday, December 9, 2007

whirlwind weeks

Its hard to believe that the tour is done already! Stay tuned for more details on the tapestry of experience that was Manila: our final shows that were especially moving with the children and community members from our service sites in attendance (many of whom was their first experience ever seeing a live performance in a theatre); the last days of community service—sore muscles and weary hearts, leaving the poverty feeling that our impact was important, and yet such a small drop in a big bucket; and closing our tour as a cast… processing the whole experience through the US, Europe, and now the Philippines.
Our last few days were in the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio City, up 5000 feet of tropical mountains (and scary windy roads) where we enjoyed a few gorgeous sunny days and intense experiences at the Philippines Military Academy. There’s nothing quite like eating in a mess hall with over 900 cadets to experience another kind of group culture.
So these final days were full and fast and there’s so much to say…
Right now I’m grateful for the free wireless in the Hong Kong airport. Stay tuned for photos and entries with details from the Philippines in the upcoming days.

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