Friday, August 31, 2007

girls' night in San Diego!

Scott & I were hosted separately in San Diego. I was with a wonderful uwp alumna named Jennifer, her roommate Claudia, and Linn from Sweden. Jen has a cute two-bedroom condo in the Scripps Ranch neighborhood, and she gave up her room for the week and camped out on the couch so Linn and I would have a place to stay. We were also "co-hosted" by a friend of Jennifer's, another alumna named Marjorie, who hung out with us throughout the week. We had such a relaxing and fun time-- going down to the cove in La Jolla, chilling with the sea lions, learning to belly dance, and pampering ourselves with chick movies and foot baths. The week went so quickly! Though I missed staying with Scottie, it was nice to get to know another cast member a little better, and to have a great week with the girls.

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